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Women are fully aware that the eyes are the windows of inner beauty and the alluring effect the eyes have, so having thick and long eyelashes are a must for most women. However, a lot of women just cannot find the right make up to acquire this effect and look for enhancement products.

For those who are not familiar with Idol Lash, it is an eyelashes and eyebrows enhancement serum that provides women with stronger, fuller, and longer eyelashes. A prominent member of the Natural Products Association, this solution comes from the very same company behind the popular range of Revitol skin care treatments.

But the obvious question is whether the claims made by this treatment are accurate, and does it really work as promised.

As always, the most reliable way to figure out if this serum will work on your eyelashes is to dig deeper into its composition and find out what customer reviews have to say about its effectiveness.

Idol Lash Ingredients and Their Benefits

The advertising would tell you that this formula addresses all five areas to improve the lashes namely lengthening, thickening, moisturizing, shine and to reduce breakage.

When examining the ingredients of Idol Lash, it’s clear that it contains all natural ingredients which include honey extract, alfalfa extract, wheat germ acid, nettle extract, bitter orange sunflower oil, jojoba seed oil, Hydrolyzed Keratin and many more. Among these natural ingredients, following are some of the most potent and pertinent ingredients that deserve special attention:

  • Plypeptides – which provides protection from breakage while supporting stronger, longer lashes naturally. They help amplify volume, thickness, as well as, length.
  • Panthenol – works with the mineral properties found in quite a few of the natural ingredients to help restore and make more vital lashes.
  • Vitamins – the vitamin properties are essential to provide strength and growth of eyelashes.
  • Proteins – the necessary proteins needed to provide strength, shine, and longer lashes are found in many of the natural ingredients of this product.

There are also agents found in the natural ingredients that moisturize and rejuvenate eyelashes which will improve elasticity, shine, and durability. In order to eliminate breakage and increase elasticity for healthier eyelashes, they need to be hydrated and moisturized. Agents found in the ingredients of this product help stimulate growth while providing extreme hydration and locks in this moisture.

Idol Lash Reviews

Does Idol Lash workProduct reviews are essential to figuring out if products are what they claim to be, so in order to find out if this serum does work it’s important to take a look at some Idol Lash Reviews.

Majority customer reviews have reported a noticeable growth in their eyelashes in just two weeks of its daily usage.

An independent study, of those who used this product every night, showed an increase of eyelash density of as much as 82% within just a 4-week period.

Most customer reviews have stated overwhelmingly positive reports about the results delivered by this treatment. Majority individuals reported positive results within the first 2 weeks of use itself, while those who have extremely thin and short eyelashes took a little longer to notice favorable results.

Another positive factor mentioned in many reviews has to do with the lack of any side effects. Given its natural composition, this serum isn’t prone to cause adverse reactions like most other treatments that promise similar results.

The Differences Between Idol Lash and Other Eyelash Solutions

In our course of investigating whether Idol Lash works, we found some interesting and possibly important points about this solution, compared to other eyelash and eyebrow enhancement products on the market today. Some of the differences between this product and its competitors include:

  • It can be used on the lower lashes, as well as, the top because it contains no harmful eye irritants unlike its competitors.
  • Its formula only contains safe medically proven ingredients. There are no human growth hormone factors (HGHs) or conventional medications, which have been associated with, or named as carcinogens, in this solution unlike others.
  • There are no harmful side effects including iris or skin discoloration, which is quite common in such treatments.
  • Another important distinction is that you can even use the Idol formula if you enjoy wearing eye lash extensions.

The Conclusion to Does Idol Lash Work

Idol Lash promises to deliver a more lustrous appeal to your lashes within four weeks, and it delivers on this promise.

It fulfills all the five areas of improvement for your eyelashes. And although the results may differ depending on each individual case, by applying this safe natural serum daily, which by the way, is applied similarly to liquid eyeliner, you can have wonderfully thick, long and vibrant eyelashes faster and for less money than any of the other options available today.

So in conclusion, as to whether Idol Lash does work, according to its ingredients, clinical tests, independent studies, and positive customer reviews to substantiate its claims, there’s only one conclusion to arrive at- yes, it does really work. It works well and it works safely – better than any other serum you will find in the market today.

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Idol Lash Customer Reviews